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New Years Eve Dance!

Happy New Year!

DJ Diaries + POVs. Last night's DJ Snowman LV GIG was a total blast! The room was packed to the gills; standing-room only - as you can see from this PIC!

I had an opportunity to DJ a night-club - last night - vs doing this LDS-Youth-DANCE. For me, there was no contest. These young people are / were so full of energy, and promise; excited to be there, excited to dance / showoff some moves, excited to interact w each other, and vibe off-of some good music!

FUN having my Brother (now Bishop) Wendell Snow DJ-ing w me - as well! Also, awesome Nephews : Evyt + Chazzy - along w Niece - Sierra - helped set the RIG up!

The DJ-SMLV Sound-System - kickin' some solid bass, while throwing a clear, wall-of-sound, across the room. New FX-Lighting-Systems - shooting lasers + colored-light everywhere; adding atmosphere to the evening!


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